You have IAM/IAG, SIEM and so on…
You have achieved required ISO 2700x compliance…
What might you have overlooked?

Strong Authentication

If Alice can use Bob’s account… all above is in vain.
If I can guess Alice credentials… all above is in vain.

In today's rapidly evolving business environment, you need to concentrate your energy and budgets on cost efficient solutions. And in the UAE, ADSIC and NESA are pushing for proper governance in this field.

As a global systems integrator and leading IT Security Solution provider, RNTrust (Formerly Recronet) will help you to find the best solution to fulfill your needs.

Password based Authentication (One Factor Authentication = Something I know)

It’s there since day one of IT. Passwords are standard in all environments.
It’s not really safe, so you define complexity policies and change interval.
Complex passwords are ending on Post’It voiding security.
Changed passwords are forgotten…

It’s free … actually not so free.
Lost Passwords and Passwords Reset are costing you significant work time and money (work time of the user needing password reset + cost of help desk)!

To make things worse, Passwords Reset over the phone are a huge security risk.
How do the help desk operator authenticate Alice?
After the password reset, both Alice and the help desk operator will know Alice's password …

This issue is recognized in ADSIC Information Security Standards IA 1.2.

RNTrust (Formerly Recronet), as a global system integrator, recognized by ADSIC as a service provided, can help you setup an innovative Self Service Password Reset. This solution will cut help desk calls (and cost) and enhance overall security achieving a quick ROI.

Two factor Authentication (Something I have/ Something I am + Something I know)

Good passwords are sometime not good enough and you might want to go the extra step here.

Reducing costs, defending against targeted cyber-attacks and consolidating identity-based security in the financial institutions, SME, large enterprise or government environments are amongst the benefits of properly chosen and implemented strong authentication solution.

Biometry (Something I am) is tempting, you don’t forget your finger or your eye, but doesn’t scale well to enterprise level (roaming users) and most of the case is just a way to hide the user’s password. Furthermore, if present on most high-end laptops, you must purchase expensive readers and deploy/maintain drivers on each computer.

Scary, your fingerprints and iris are now stored in governments databases… that will be hacked someday. Scarier, some Hackers are claiming to be able to lure biometric scanners using standard photographs.

One Time Passwords (OTP) is offering a quite good alternative.
The user owns a device or an App on his smart phone and can authenticate with a PIN and an OTP.

On the device side, a lot of form factors are available from key fob to credit cards (display cards) and Apps.
RNTrust (Formerly Recronet) can help you choose the best combination of devices based on your business needs and constraints.

Thanks to standards like RADIUS and specific agents, OTP solutions can be used for:

Key Fob
  • Secure VPN Access
  • Secure Access to Citrix and VDI Solutions
  • Secure Cloud Access
  • Secure Network Access
  • Secure Access to Web-Based Applications
  • Context-Based Authentication

On the authentication side, you can choose from multiple options and architectures, from straight forward to highly complex designs including context based authentications.

RNTrust (Formerly Recronet) can help you choose the best authentication architecture based on your security requirements. We have chosen to partner cutting-edge authentication platform vendors protecting the world’s largest and most respected enterprises, governments and financial institutions.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is the strongest solution and the most respected form of strong authentication available on the market.

Every day, when you type https:// in your browser you are using PKI authentication to validate that the server you are accessing is really the right one. This same transparent authentication can be used by an application to authenticate the user.

PKI solutions, are often a prerequisite for securing high-value transactions, authenticating identities and communicating sensitive information online or need for secure facilities.

It is so powerful … that it is not used as much as it could. Great power comes with great responsibility … that no one wants to take. Based on our experience, we will help you understand the technology, rules and successfully deploy a PKI.

ADSIC Information Security Standards IA 1.4, IA 1.7 IA 1.8 are covering the use of PKI as authentication mechanism.

Taking the PKI to the Next Level

Time in IT Layers

Once implemented for user authentication, PKI can be leveraged in many areas as shown above. Thanks to the X.509 standard being accepted so widely, one infrastructure can be used extensively across the IT of the enterprise reducing the global TCO and enhancing the ROI. By partnering with leaders in PKI, RNTrust (Formerly Recronet), a global system integrator, can help you successfully deploy PKI authentication in your environment and lift the FUD around this technology.


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